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Keeping your Twixl app up-to-date

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    We always recommend to update your app on a regular basis.

    Updating the app has the following advantages:

    • You can use new features that have been added
    • Certain bugs that your readers/users may have encountered are fixed
    • You have less chance that your app will experience problems when Apple releases a new version of iOS or Google releases a new Android version


    Related to iOS and Android versions, please note the following:


    Twixl Publisher and support for iOS 16:
    Twixl Publisher 17 and higher fully support iOS and iPadOS 16, although we would recommend to upgrade to the latest release if you are still using an app built with TP 17.


    Google recently announced the following:

    "Starting from 1 Nov 2022, apps that dont target an API level within two years of the latest Android release (API 29 and below) wont be available to new users with devices running Android versions newer than your apps target API level."

    If your app was built with Twixl Publisher 17 or higher, you are compatible with API level 30.  So no worries there! Although here again, we highly recommend updating to the latest release.

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