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Getting Started with Twixl

Twixl Publisher consists of several components:

  1. Twixl platform: an online platform where you'll manage your app and where you'll handle the content for your app.
  2. Twixl app: install this app on your mobile device and you can scan the QR code of your app. This great tool allows you to experience the complete look and feel of your app while building it.
  3. Twixl macOS app: when your app is ready, then build your app on a Mac with Twixl Publisher and start spreading the news!

Twixl Publisher has a lot more to discover. With our InDesign plugin you can export your InDesign files ready to import them on the Twixl platform. With the Twixl macOS app you can preview your app in the iOS simulator or on the device of your choice with the Twixl Viewer Classic app. You can  share this with other people to review your app content before it's published on the App Store or Google Play Store.

This 'Getting Started' guide is intended to help you understand the basic concepts of Twixl Publisher and to learn how to create your first Twixl app.


If you master these basic skills, you can dive further into the world of Twixl Publisher. Don't forget that this site contains a lot of extra information, covering more advanced topics as well!

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