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Hamburger Menu: Uploading content items

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    There are 2 ways to upload Content Items to the Hamburger Menu:

    1. Via Application Home

    Click the 'add' button in Special collections > Hamburger Menu

    2. Via Menu

    Select Content > Hamburger Menu and click the 'add multiple' button, regardless of the number of items or the type of content you want to add.

    A pop up appears in which you can upload a Placeholder(s), Web Link(s) and/or Collection link(s).

    1. Placeholder
      You can either drag&drop a file on this area or click 'select files' to add files from your drive.
    2. Weblink
      Enter a link to a web page and confirm by clicking 'Add'.
    3. Collection link
      Click on the dropdown icon, select the collection link and confirm by clicking 'Add'.

    All the items you add will be listed below in a practical table that allows you to change some of the most important fields.

    1. Thumbnail
      You can upload a different thumbnail by clicking on the thumbnail and selecting a thumbnail from your files.
    2. Title
      Change the title of your content item by simply typing anything in this field
    3. Publish date
      By default, the publish date field will be empty. In that case, the content item will remain unpublished. If one adds a publish date in the past, the content item will be published immediately and that date will count for subscription periods. When a date in the future is selected, the content item will show the scheduled status in the content item list until the publish date equals the actual date. At that moment, the content item will be published automatically.
    4. Item style
      By default, the default item style will be selected but one can change the item style by clicking the field and selecting the desired item style.

    All the content items will only be added to the Hamburger Menu by confirming via 'save'.  

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