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In-app purchases for Android apps

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    How to configure in-app purchases for your app.

    1. Adding in-app purchases in the Google Play Developer Console

    In your app, contain may be offered for free, or some or all content may be available as an in-app purchase.

    If your app offers only free content, there's nothing else to configure but adding your content to the Twixl platform.

    If you want to make collections or PDF content items available as an in-app purchase, you will need to create a separate in-app purchase entry for each of the collections you want to offer:

    • Google Play Developer Console : here you will also set the price for the in-app purchase
    • Twixl platform : here you will have your different paid collections or PDF content items.
    1. Go to https://play.google.com/apps/publish and select your app from the list of apps
    2. In the section Monetize, choose In-app Products.
    3. Now select Create Product.
    4. Add the product ID, name and description, set the price, and Save the information.
    5. The in-app purchase has been saved, but it is still inactive at this point.
    6. Select the in-app purchase you just created once more, and you'll see you can now activate it.

    2. Adding in-app purchases to the Twixl platform

    For each of the in-app purchases defined in Google Play, you also need to have a collection or PDF content item on the Twixl platform. Add the same identifier under 'Purchase Info' for your collection/PDF.

    You can also add the title and extra info (by platform) that will be displayed in the paywall.


    Make sure the product identifier in the Twixl platform matches exactly with the one you defined for the in-app Product in Google Play.

    3. In-app purchase testing

    After you added your in-app products for your app in Google Play, you can test your purchases:

    1. Create a Google Play build of your app
    2. Upload the app to Google Play as an alpha or beta
    3. Create license test accounts for authorized users (in Developer Console, go to Settings > Account details, then in the License Testing section, add the addresses to the field "Gmail accounts with testing access"
    4. Test your in-app purchases with one of the test accounts - these allow you to purchase any of your in-app products without being charged


    Sometimes you may get the error "This version of the application is not configured for billing through Google Play. Check the help center for more information".  Note that Google takes a while to process applications and update them to their servers (anywhere from a couple of hours to a day). So after uploading the APK on Google Play, you may have to wait a few hours before the in-app products will allow to be purchased.

    4. Adding subscriptions in your app

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