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Registering an Apple Silicon Mac

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    In order to use a Mac that uses one of the 'Apple Silicon' processor for building apps, you need to make sure the device is registered on the Apple developer portal.

    1. Find the Mac's device UDID

    1. Open the "System Information" app (you can find this app in /Applications/Utilities or you can also access it by selecting 'About this Mac' from the Apple menu, then click 'System Report'.)
    2. Under hardware, look for "Provisioning UDID" and copy it.

    2. Register your Mac on the Apple Developer Portal

    1. Navigate to the 'Devices' list on the Developer Portal
    2. Click the '+' sign to add a device
    3. Choose macOS as the platform
    4. Add a name for your device and enter the UDID you just copied

    This only needs to be done once. You are now ready to start using your M1 Mac to build a Twixl app.

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