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App privacy details on the App Store

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    In early 2021, Apple has new requirements in terms of the privacy information that apps published on the App Store use. Below is the information you need to be aware of when publishing a Twixl app on the App Store.

    What does this mean for Twixl apps?

    This means you will need to clarify the usage of Data Types in your Twixl app. By default, Twixl apps use the following Data Types:

    • Coarse Location
    • Device ID
    • Product Interaction
    • Other Usage Data
    • Crash Data


    Depending on the content in your app, it might be possible that you'll need to add even more used Data Types.


    If an HTML-article contains technology to determine the exact location of the mobile device on a map, you will need to add Precise GPS locations as a used Data Type.

    How to manage app privacy?

    For more info on how to add and remove data types, see this Apple KB-article (> Adding and removing data types).

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