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Creating your Launch Image

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    If you want to build your custom Twixl App, you can add a Launch Image.

    1. What?

    The Launch Image is what it says: it's the first thing your users see when they launch your app.

    2. Requirements?

    You configure the Launch Image of your app in the build setting of your app. It needs to be:

    • square
    • 2208px by 2208px
    • .png format

    3. How to design?

    We use one Launch Image for both Phones and Tablets.

    This means that the image gets cropped and this can impact your design. So it's better to take this into account when creating your launch image.

    4. What's next?

    Once you finished your Launch Image, you can go ahead and build your app.

    The following articles will help with the next steps:

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