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Sample App 02: A Kiosk App

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    This article explains the concept of our Kiosk app. It's ideal if you want to create a traditional kiosk app.

    General Info


    The purpose of this sample app is to demonstrate how to create a traditional Kiosk App. The app is meant to just give you an impression, it is neither a real nor a finished project. It's a kiosk app with PDF Content Items, a Hamburger Menu and support for the Browser Client in addition to iOS and Android.

    The app


    Please remember that you can play around with this app, and change any settings!


    Root Collection

    1. Web Link with an image (logo) and text, that links to a website. You could also use an Inline or Embedded Web Viewer, if you want to implement a Web Banner.  
    2. Collection Link with text and an image, designed in such a way that this magazine mimics the Featured Issue of a Legacy issue-based app. It links to a PDF Content Item.
    3. Collection Link that links to a PDF Content Item. This style is used for all the rest of the magazines.

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