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Sample App 02: A Kiosk App

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    This article explains the concept of our Kiosk app. It's ideal if you want to create a traditional kiosk app.

    General Info


    The purpose of this sample app is to demonstrate how to create a traditional Kiosk App. The app is meant to just give you an impression, it is neither a real nor a finished project. It's a kiosk app with PDF Content Items, a Hamburger Menu and support for the Browser Client in addition to iOS and Android.

    The app



    Please remember that you can play around with Sample Apps. In other words: the default settings provided by Twixl media can be altered at any point!


    Root Collection

    1. Web Link with an image (logo) and text, that links to a website. You could also use an Inline or Embedded Web Viewer, if you want to implement a Web Banner.  
    2. Collection Link with text and an image, designed in such a way that this magazine mimics the Featured Issue of a Legacy issue-based app. It links to a PDF Content Item.
    3. Collection Link that links to a PDF Content Item. This style is used for all the rest of the magazines.

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