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iOS: Setup key-based authentication for Push Notifications

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    1. Setup your App ID

    To enable Push Notifications in your iOS app, you need to configure the App ID properly.

    1. Navigate to (developer.apple.com > Account > Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles > Identifiers > App ID)
    2. If you want to edit an existing App ID, select Configure, otherwise select New Apple ID
    3. After you entered a description for this App ID and the Bundle Identifier (use the same reverse-DNS name as in the Twixl platform) you can configure it.


    It is very important that you use the same Bundle Identifier as on the Twixl platform (the reverse-DNS name like com.mydomain.myapp). This is a requirement in order to be able to send Push Notifications from the Twixl platform to your iOS devices.

    2. Activate Push Notifications for the App ID

    1. When in the App ID detail window, you'll notice a list of all App Services.
    2. Enable Push Notifications.
    3. Click 'Done'.


    There is no need to create a Development or Production SSL Certificate when using key-based authentication.

    3. How to create the authentication key

    1. Navigate to https://developer.apple.com/account/ios/authkey/ (developer.apple.com > Account > Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles > Keys)
    2. Click + to add a new key.
    3. Give the key a name
    4. Enable the service called Apple Push Notifications (APNs).
    5. Click Continue. You will then be asked to confirm your key configuration.
    6. Click on Confirm to create the key.
    7. Select Download in the next screen to download the .p8 file to your local machine.
    8. Write down the value for Key ID.
    9. Then, navigate to https://developer.apple.com/account and click on Membership in the left column, and write down the Team ID.

    4. Configure the Push Notification settings on the Twixl Platform.

    1. On the Twixl Distribution Platform, navigate to your app.
    2. Select Push Notifications in the App Menu.
    3. Select Key-based Authentication for the Authentication Mode.
      1. Upload the .p8 file
      2. Insert the Key ID you wrote down earlier.
      3. Insert the Team ID.
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    Push notification on iOS can be tested with any type of build, except for a Development build of your app.

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