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Deploying an Android app in-house or for testing

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    How to get the .apk file you created on an Android tablet or phone outside of Google Play

    1. Sideloading

    This method allows you to install the .apk using a USB cable, with the help from extra software.


    Depending on which method and which application you use, it might be necessary to activate USB Debugging and Allow Unknown Sources in the Settings of your Android device. Please refer to the manual of your mobile device for instructions on how to activate those options. Due to the vast multitude of available Android devices, it's impossible to provide those instructions here.

    1.1. Tools for Windows

    1.2. Tools for Mac


    Please refer to the manuals of the according software for instructions on how to setup and connect your Android device.

    2. Deploy the app over the air (using an MDM)

    This method allows you to distribute the app easily without the need for sideloading. The .apk file will be installed via a mobile device management system, such as Airwatch, Mobile Iron, JAMF, FileWave, Meraki, etc.

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