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Installing the Helper as a Windows Service

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    In some cases, it can be helpful to run the Helper as a Windows Service (e.g. when you are using InDesign Server to script some parts of your Twixl Publisher workflow). This KB-article explains how to do install the Helper as a Windows Service.

    Run the following command from a windows command prompt with admin privileges:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\TwixlPublisher\TwixlPublisherHelper.exe --service install

    This will install the Twixl Publisher Helper under the LocalSystem account. However, it will need to run under the same user account as Adobe InDesign Server to make it work properly.

    To do so, go to computer management and select services. Then double click on the Twixl Publisher Helper service and change the user in LoginAs to the same user account as the one used by InDesign Server.

    Once you have done so, you should be able to start it and it should be recognized by the InDesign plugin and InDesign Server, even when no user is logged in to the system.

    However, one last thing needs to be taken into account before starting the service. You should check task manager to make sure no TwixlPublisherHelper.exe process is running before starting the service, otherwise, it won't work.

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    It might be necessary to navigate to the path first (before entering the command):

    cd Program Files (x86)\TwixlPublisher\TwixlPublisherHelper.exe
    TwixlPublisherHelper.exe --service install

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