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Searching in article-based apps

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    You can now easily search through all the metadata (>5.5) and all indexed text (>8.0) in your app (content item name, title, tag line, etc.). From the search results, one can quickly navigate to a relevant article.

    Search Screen

    1. How to activate this in an article-based app?

    You don't need to activate special options, but you will need to provide your reader a way to activate the search screen. You can do this by using special url schemes. More info about these special url schemes can be found here.


    Since this functionality also depends heavily on metadata, it is very important that a publisher enters all metadata in all Collections and Content Items of the article-based app. Without that, a search-command can show incomplete results. So, don't forget: Fill in Title, Author, Tagline, etc.


    Starting from Twixl Publisher 8.0, readers will also be able to search for indexed text of content! Some remarks though:

    This is an extra and important reason to maintain and fill in all your metadata.

    2. Look & Feel of the search-results screen

    The layout of your search-results screen is fully customisable. You can change the layout by using familiar Twixl Distribution Platform options.

    • The overall layout is defined by a Grid Style of your choice.
    • The layout per Content Item is defined by one or more Cell Styles of your choice.

    After you have defined a Grid Style and a Cell Style, you need to select those Styles in the Application Settings of your article-based application.


    We strongly advise you to use separate Grid and Cell Styles for your Search results screen. Also, give them a good and logical name (e.g. Search Grid Style 1). This way it will be much easier to organise and select different Styles in different Collections / Content Items of your article-based application.

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