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Managing content downloading

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    1. Download a 'monolithic' collection for offline access

    This capability lets readers choose to download one or more collections for easy offline access. It is a collection level setting that can be activated by the publisher for each individual collection, as for some collections it may be more relevant, and for others less so…

    1.1. Watch a short 'How to' movie

    1.2. How to activate this feature?

    If you edit the settings for a particular collection, under 'Collection Options' you'll see an option called 'Monolithic download' that can be checked. If this option is checked, when a user/reader navigates to this collection in the app, the complete collection will be downloaded first, before the first content item or the browse grid is displayed.

    Collection Options


    This functionality is only available for apps built with TP14+.

    If the option Keep All Data Offline in your Application Settings is active (see below), this option will not appear in your collection settings, as it is irrelevant in that case.

    1.3. How can the reader use this?

    1. The reader needs to have a TP14+-based version of your app installed.
    2. For collections that have the option 'Monolithic download' checked, the process will be fully transparent, and a progress bar will be displayed during the download.
    3. Monolithic downloads are never automatically deleted by the system and stay on the device. To remove the downloaded collection, a user can long-press the item in the browse grid, then delete the content for that collection. It can always be re-downloaded later.
    4. You can use the custom URL scheme tp-downloads:// to allow users to get an overview of all downloaded collections.

    1.4. How to display a download status icon in your browse grid

    If you want to make it clearer for a user whether a collection is ready to download or has already been downloaded, you can include the placeholder {icon-download-status} in your item style.

    2. Full Offline Mode

    We provide an app setting (i.e. set by the publisher), where all content of all collections will be downloaded completely when first starting up the app. This is ideal for sales people who sometimes don’t have an internet connection when they are on the road. Every time a user goes back to the app and he’s online, a check will be performed if there is new and/or updated content that needs to be downloaded.


    Requires users to download all app contents on first startup. Ideal for certain in-house apps, but not recommended for App Store apps, as such an app will most likely be rejected by Apple.

    2.1. How to activate this (as a publisher)?

    1. Create a build of your app. Test the new build thoroughly.
    2. Activate Keep All Data Offline in the Application Settings of your article-based app.

    2.2. How can the reader use this?

    First of all, the reader needs to download the latest version of your app. Every time a user goes back to the app and he is online, a check will be performed whether there is new and/or updated content that needs to be downloaded. When new content is available, a dialog will force the user to download the latest content. When the content has been downloaded and is available offline, the app can be used.

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