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    As of Twixl Publisher 5.5, publishers are able to add a fully customizable “Hamburger Menu” to their article-based apps. This quick access menu resides in the top right corner of your article-based apps and is managed using a special collection called the Hamburger Menu.

    1. How to activate the Hamburger Menu?

    The Hamburger Menu isn't active by default. You need to activate it on the Home Screen of your App.

    After the activation of your Hamburger Menu, you can populate that Special Collection with Content.

    2. How to deactivate the Hamburger Menu

    To deactivate the Hamburger Menu, you can just click on disable.

    3. General remarks


    When activating the Hamburger Menu, the well known ‘Gear Menu’ (to access certain config settings) will be moved to the bottom of the Hamburger Menu (see screenshot above).


    When you want to temporarily deactivate the Hamburger Menu, no content will be deleted. The options will just be disabled and the Special Collection will become invisible.

    4. How to add content to your Hamburger Menu?

    Since the Hamburger Menu is actually a special Collection, you'll need to populate that Collection with Content Items. The following types of Content Items are supported in the Hamburger Menu:

    • Placeholder: Ideal to add an image or a logo
    • Collection Link: Ideal to create navigation shortcuts
    • Web link: Ideal to link to social media, etc.

    If you need specific info about Content Items, you can read this article.

    5. Look & Feel of the Hamburger Menu


    The Hamburger Menu has a fixed width of 300px (tablets & phones).

    The layout of your Hamburger Menu is fully customizable. You can change the layout by using familiar Twixl Distribution Platform options.

    • The overall layout is defined by a Grid Style of your choice.
    • The layout per Content Item is defined by one or more Cell Styles of your choice.


    We strongly advise you to use separate Grid and Cell Styles for your Hamburger Menu. Also, give them a good and logical name (e.g. Hamburger Grid Style 1). This way it will be much easier to organise and select different Styles in different Collections / Content Items of your article-based application.

    6. Custom URL Scheme (> 7.0)

    For more info, see this KB-article.

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