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System Requirements

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    For the InDesign plug-in

    Recent versions of Adobe InDesign on macOS or Windows.

    For the app builder application

    The Twixl Publisher application requires macOS Ventura 13.x or higher for building iOS apps.

    For creating iOS apps

    Xcode will allow you to build iOS apps and to get a preview of your app in the iOS simulator. The components panel of the macOS app will alert you if it needs to be installed or updated.

    • Xcode is a free download from the Mac App Store.
    • In order to create app builds that can be installed on a device, or to submit apps in the App Store, you need at least Xcode 15 and need to be registered as a developer in the "iOS Developer Program" (99$/yr): Start here to enroll now.


    After installing Xcode, make sure to follow all the steps described here.

    For creating Android apps

    • Android SDK: the Android SDK needs to be available to create Android builds. The System Check in preferences allows you to check for the presence of the Android SDK and offer to install it if it's unavailable, or update it if a newer release is available. 
    • In order to submit Android apps in the Google Play store, you need a Google Play account.

    Minimum version requirements

    Below is an overview of the different OS and app versions that are supported by Twixl Publisher.

    iOS and Android

    (refers to the OS versions required to install the apps on those devices)

    • iOS: 15.x or higher
    • Android: 9.x or higher

    macOS and Xcode

    (refers to the versions required for creating app builds)

    • macOS: Ventura 13.x or higher
    • Xcode: Xcode 15.x or higher for building and submitting apps (to support the latest iOS versions and devices, you should always us the latest version). 


    To submit mobile apps (.ipa) to the App Store, you need the Transporter App. See this article.  

    Twixl platform

    We recommend either Safari or Chromium based (Chrome, Edge, Brave...) as browsers to have an optimized experience on the Twixl platform.  

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