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Deploying an iOS app in the App Store

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    Upload your app to App Store Connect

    Submit in App Store Connect

    Once you have created your App Store build using the Twixl Publisher app, take the following steps to submit your .ipa file to Apple's App Store Connect portal:


    For more details about the process of adding an app to App Store Connect, making it a free or a paid app to download, creating in-app purchases or subscriptions, you may want to refer to Apple's own App Store Connect Developer Guide. It can be accessed from the home page of the portal.

    1. Go to the portal

    In App Store Connect, go to the detail window of your app (assuming you went already to the process of creating an App).

    2. Prepare for upload

    1. Go to the "Versions" part of the application details and click on "View Details" underneath "[App Name] 1.0".
    2. In the upper right corner, click the "Ready to upload binary" button.

    3. Add artwork

    Check the latest Apple requirements for your screenshots here.

    4. Upload your app

    1. Download & Install the Transporter tool from Apple.
    2. Login with your App Store Connect credentials.
    3. Now follow the instructions to upload your .ipa file.

    5. Submit for review

    To add an App for review we need to select a binary that we uploaded, add it for review, and then submit for review. The procedure is well explained on Apple's Developer site.

    Now wait for the review team to approve your app. Note that this may take anywhere between one to several days.

    6. Making your iOS app available on Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) Macs

    If you want to make your Twixl app available in the Mac App Store, you can now do so without any modification whatsoever. Just check the option in the settings for your app on App Store Connect, under 'Pricing and Availability'.

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