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    How to integratie animations in your InDesign content.

    Adobe Animate & Tumult Hype animations

    Adobe Edge Animate & Tumult Hype animations

    HTML5 animations can be created with several tools, like:

    Twixl Publisher has direct support for the .oam file format used by Animate (and which Tumult Hype can also export to). These .oam package files can be added to InDesign via simple drag 'n' drop, and InDesign will then also display a preview of the animation.


    • Always create responsive projects or create your animation with the desired width and height (as it will be used in InDesign).
    • We strongly advise you to use a .html export together with a Web Viewer or Web Overlay Button. It's less unpredictable and what's even better: You can test your animation easily by testing it in every browser (desktop, iOS, Android).

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