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Sharing on social media

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Social sharing allows the reader to share an article via social media or default mobile device sharing options. This article explains how to prepare both your app and content for that feature.

1. What does the reader see?
Sharing on iOS

Readers will be able to share via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, ... (depending on the OS and the installed applications). The result will be similar to the screenshot below.

Sharing Message on iOS
2. How to configure for article-based apps

2.1. Activating the option on the Twixl Distribution Platform

There is only 1 requirement to enable Social Sharing in an article-based app: you need to activate the option in the Application Settings of your article-based app. For more info, see this KB-article.

2.2. Configuring Social Media metadata

Social Sharing works for Content Items. Each Content Item can have specific metadata for your Social Sharing.

2.2.1. Available options

  • Text for Social Sharing: The default text you want to use for social sharing. This text will be inserted for your readers when he/she wants to share an article.
  • Article URL: In order to be able to share over social media, an article URL is required. Leave this field empty to use the Browser Client URL (if you have enabled the browser client for your app). For more info about the Browser Client, see this KB-article.

2.2.2. Possible scenarios

  • No Article URL defined + Browser Client enabled: the reader will be able to share the article, with the Browser Client URL.
  • Custom Article URL defined + Browser Client enabled or disabled: the reader will be able to share the article, with the custom Article URL.
  • No Article URL defined + Browser Client disabled: your reader will not be able to share the article.


As a publisher, it is not required that the text for Social Sharing is filled in, in order to activate Social Sharing. Only the Article URL is mandatory.

3. Configuring for single issue and issue-based apps (Legacy)

3.1. Allow sharing on social media

If you want to provide a sharing option to readers of your publication, make sure the option "Allow Sharing on Social Media" is enabled in the Publication Properties of the plug-in or in the Publication properties of the Publication Composer.

Allow sharing on social media
Sharing on social media in the Publication Composer


Using the "Sharing" option also requires you use the TOC Viewer with the Title Bar Button. It cannot be used with the legacy thumbnail viewer.

3.2. Configure the default sharing message

Configure the default sharing message

In the Build Settings of the Twixl Publisher application, under the "Sharing" tab, you can configure the default shared message for the different platforms. You can choose your own message and insert 3 different placeholders:

  • Application Name
  • Publication Name
  • Article Title
  • Article URL: this is ideal if you want to link to e.g. a Web Reader version of your content

You can also add an app-wide (short) URL that links to the store.

3.3. Configuring the article URL

Configuring the article URL

If you want your sharing message to have a customized URL per article, that can be configured in the Article properties. This may be a good option if you also have a Web Reader version of your content that is publicly accessible.

3.4. Artwork to share

Artwork to Share

You can select to either share the app icon or the issue cover.

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