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The order of interactive elements

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How the plug-in handles multiple stacked interactive elements.

Different layers per page

When the plug-in creates an export, each page will consist of:

  • a base layer with the base image (all non-interactive content)
  • an extra layer per interactive overlay

Order of interactive elements

All interactive overlays are placed on top of the base layer in a specific pre-determined order:

  1. base layer (bottom)
  2. movie
  3. sound
  4. web viewer
  5. web overlay
  6. image sequence
  7. scrollable
  8. full-screen image
  9. slide show
  10. web link
  11. page link
  12. button action (top)


Our templates in InDesign have all these overlays on board as layers. You are not required to use them, but in any case it is a handy way to remind you to the exact order of interactive elements!

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