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Adding analytics information to InDesign interactive elements

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    Twixl Publisher allows you to integrate analytics in your publications.

    How to add analytics information to InDesign interactive elements?

    The Twixl Distribution Platform offers built-in support for analytics.

    If you want to make your analytics more readable, you can enter an analytics name for your interactive objects, such as slide shows, audio or video clips, and web overlays. If you don't enter your own analytics name, a default value will be used.


    What information gets tracked ?

    When you enable tracking of statistical data in your application, the following items will be tracked:

    • Visited articles
    • Visited pages inside articles
    • Slides viewed on a page
    • Movies and sounds viewed on a page

    These items will be logged as "fake URLs" and will use the following structure:

    • Pages: /<publication>/<article>/<orientation>/<page>
    • Movies and sounds: /<publication>/<article>/<orientation>/<page>/<sound>
    • Slides: /<publication>/<article>/<orientation>/<page>/<slideshowid>/<slidename>

    Slides that are part of an autoplay slideshow or movies and sounds that autoplay will not be tracked.

    Setup for article-based apps

    No configuration is needed for article-based apps.


    Reports related to interactive elements are not available yet, but data is being gathered. So it's important that you provide this analytics Information for future reports. These reports will be added in the near future.

    Setup for issue-based (Legacy)

    No configuration is needed for issue-based apps.

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