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Export a single article or a complete publication.

In general

Once you have finalized your design, and have added the interactive elements you wanted to include, you can select "Export article" or "Export Publication…", available from the Twixl Publisher palette.

Export from InDesign

Choose a destination for the export package and click OK. The Twixl Publisher plug-in will now export all contents (possibly different versions for landscape and portrait, or for different platforms…

One InDesign document -> .article file

If you are exporting one article, then a package file with the extension .article will be generated.

Complete InDesign book -> .publication file

For a complete publication export, a package file with the extension .publication will be created.


On Windows the package file will appear as a folder.

When the export has finished, you'll be presented with a dialog to allows you to open the publication in the Twixl Publisher OS X app: now you're ready to have a look at the result.

When exporting an article or a publication, Twixl Publisher will always start a preflight check first. If the plug-in detects a problem, depending on the severity, you may or may not choose to continue the Export.

Export as PDF or JPG

Export as PDF or JPG

Twixl Publisher releases before version 4.2 always converted the content to JPG files (or PNG files for transparent elements).

As of version 4.2 the default export format is PDF. The advantage of this is two-fold:

  • The publication package size will become much smaller.
  • It is no longer necessary to generate both a non-retina and retina iPad version, or three different phone renditions.



Existing apps will need to be updated with a Twixl Publisher 4.2 or higher build in order to accept Twixl publications exported as PDF.

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