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Nested Interactivity

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    Supported Types

    Twixl Publisher allows you to embed certain interactive elements within scrollable content or within a slide show.

    The following types of nested interactivity are supported in scrollable content or in slide shows:

    • action buttons, hyperlinks and web overlay buttons
    • audio
    • video
    • web viewers
    • .oam files
    • panorama VR


    Placing scrollable content inside an MSO (slide show,...), or putting an MSO inside a scrollable content area is not supported. Nor is a scrollable inside a scrollable, or an MSO within an MSO.

    How does this work?

    For nested interactivity in scrollable content, group the scrollable content itself with the extra interactive element(s), before selecting 'Paste Into' to paste the grouped content into the scrollable frame.

    For nested interactivity in a slide show, group the extra interactive element(s) with an image that you want to add to the slide show, before converting it to a multi-state object.

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