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    When you create articles in Twixl Publisher, the alternate layouts are expected to be of a specific size. Here's an overview:

    Pages Sizes

    Alternate Layout Landscape Portrait
    1024 x 768 px 768 x 1024 px
    Android 10" 1280 x 752 px 800 x 1232 px
    Android 7" 1024 x 552 px 600 x 976 px
    568 x 320 px 320 x 568 px
    Phone XL 852 x 393 px 393 x 852 px


    If you create new articles directly from the Twixl Publisher panel, these sizes will be used automatically. If you want to create long pages, then you can always adjust the height, but the width needs to be as specified in the diagram above.


    The maximum height for a long page is 14400 px for tablets and phones (the Twixl Publisher Preflight will warn you if the Maximum Page Size exceeds the limit).

    Don't exaggerate with long pages, because you don't want your reader to "get lost" while reading!

    Using existing content that has a different format

    If you want to adapt existing content of a different size for use with Twixl Publisher, you will need to:

    • Set up the alternate layout name correctly (i.e. "iPad V", "iPad H", "Android 10 inch V", "Android 10 inch H", "Android 7 inch V", "Android 7 inch H", "Phone V", "Phone H", "Phone XL V", "Phone XL H")
    • Use the pages panel to change the page size

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