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Scrollable Content

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Add scrollable text blocks and zoomable images

How to add Scrollable Content

The 'Scrollable content' option allows you to add scrollable content to a container frame with the following steps:

  1. Create a text frame for the full length of the text.
  2. Create a container of the size you want using the Rectangle Frame Tool.
  3. Cut the text frame and then select 'Paste into' to Paste that text into the smaller container frame.

The same applies to adding image content to the frame.

Options for Scrollable Content

Scrollable Content

Allow Scrolling

Select this option to turn the current frame into scrollable content.

Show Scroll Bars

Show scroll bars when a user scrolls through the content.

Zooming Enabled

If a users scrolls down, the content will move page by page.


If you want to make an image zoomable, make sure to place it in the frame at the maximum zoom-in size that you want to allow. It will be scaled to fit in the frame.


The maximum size of Scrollable Content items is limited. For phones: 8400 x 8400 px. For tablets: 15000 x 15000 px. The Twixl Publisher Preflight will warn you if you exceed those limitations in your designs.

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