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    When creating a preview, sharing or exporting a publication, Twixl Publisher performs a number of preflight checks.

    The preflight process will check the following items:

    • Missing linked items (images, ...)
    • Missing fonts
    • Image resolutions based on the alternate layout
    • Page sizes
    • Alternate layout names
    • Alternate layout page counts
    • Size of scrollable contents
    • Multistates (to see if they don't exceed the page size)
    • Image Sequences (source folder, does it contain image files, the correct file format, image sizes, ...)
    • Buttons (unsupported events, …)

    Depending on the severity, the preflight will generate either a warning (and allow you to continue), or generate an error (in which case you cannot continue until the problem is fixed).

    Preflight Result


    In the plug-in preferences, you can select whether warnings are displayed when doing a preview, or when sharing and exporting. If you uncheck both, then Preflight will only bug you when it encounters an error and is unable to continue.


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