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    Easily add sound clips.

    1. InDesign Media palette

    • Sound can be embedded in the publication via the Window -> Interactive -> Media palette.
    • You can add a sound clip encoded in the MP3 format.
    • If you insert an MP3 audio file, you can place any type of button or text object on top of it. Tapping that object on the device will play/stop the sound sample.
    • If you select "Place a video or audio file" from the media palette, that clip will be embedded in your app.
    • When an audio clip is selected in InDesign, the Twixl Publisher palette also allows you to control the settings relevant for the tablet app.

    2. Sound options

    Sound options
    1. Play in A Loop: Provides a continuous playback of your sound clip.
    2. Play On Page Load: Will automatically start a sound clip when a user navigates to that page, and you can set an optional delay for the sound clip to start.

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