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    Easily add sound clips.

    1. InDesign Media palette

    • Sound can be embedded in the publication via the Window -> Interactive -> Media palette.
    • You can add a sound clip encoded in the MP3 format.
    • If you insert an MP3 audio file, you can place any type of button or text object on top of it. Tapping that object on the device will play/stop the sound sample.
    • If you select "Place a video or audio file" from the media palette, that clip will be embedded in your app.
    • When an audio clip is selected in InDesign, the Twixl Publisher palette also allows you to control the settings relevant for the tablet app.

    2. Sound options

    1. Play in A Loop: Provides a continuous playback of your sound clip.
    2. Play On Page Load: Will automatically start a sound clip when a user navigates to that page, and you can set an optional delay for the sound clip to start.

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