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Add actions to objects

How to create buttons?

Action buttons can be created via the Window -> Interactive -> Buttons and Forms.

When you convert an object to a button, an action can be attached to it. The event type for the iPad should be On Release or Tap

The actions that can be attched to a button are shown in the screenshot below:

Only a specific number of options in the Action menu are supported by Twixl Publisher, i.e.:

  • Go To First Page
  • Go To Last Page
  • Go To Next Page
  • Go To Previous Page
  • Go To URL
  • Play a Sound
  • Play a Video
  • Go To Page
  • Go To State (of a multi-state object - slide show)
  • Go To Next State
  • Go To Previous State

Button appearances

Buttons appearances are supported in Twixl Publisher if you use the “button appearances” in the “buttons and forms” panel.

The Twixl Publisher plug-in will look at the Normal and Click states. If you have defined these two button states, you will see that in the Twixl reader software, they work as a “toggle” button. Everytime you tap the button, it toggles from the "Normal" to the "Click" state and back.


It is recommended to always add a Click State, even if they have the same look. Buttons without a Click State defined, can result in problems with unresponsive Actions.

Web overlay button

We allow you to create a special type of button, called "Web Overlay Button", that will trigger a modal web viewer to be displayed on top of your page.

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