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Panorama VR

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What is a panorama VR?

A panorama VR lets you view a complete environment in 360°, but also lets you tilt so you can e.g. also have a look at the sky and at the floor within that environment.

Here you can see some examples.

How to create a Panorama VR?

The basic steps to integrate a Panorama VR in your InDesign article or publication are the following:

  1. Create your panorama image (e.g. in Photoshop or with a special camera, ...).
  2. Download and install Pano2VR. This is not a free product but you can download a free trial. Then later, depending on your needs, you can purchase a Standard or Pro license.
  3. Open your panorama image in Pano2VR and follow these basic workflow steps to get HTML5 output.
  4. Put your complete HTML5 output in a separate folder in your WebResources folder.
  5. Create a Web viewer or a Web overlay button and link to the index.html file of your HTML5-export.

How to enable Gyroscope support?

Most modern devices have a gyroscope. This means that you can tilt and rotate your device and the software will respond to that movement. In the case of Pano2VR creation, this means that you can virtually look around in the panorama by moving your device and without using the touchscreen.

Gyroscope support for your HTML5-export needs to be enabled in the HTML5-template options of your Pano2VR-project. Open the accordeon HTML and click on the Settings-icon next to the Templates-icon. In the HTML Template popup you can active the option Include gyroscope control.

How to enable Gyroscope support?


Panorama VR functionality on Android is tricky. While it may work on most recent devices (also the gyroscope functionality), we cannot guarantee a wide compatibility across all devices because of the multitude of different hardware and browser specifications.

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