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Panorama VR

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    Add 3D VR walkthroughs.

    1. What is a panorama VR?

    A panorama VR lets you view a complete environment in 360°, but also lets you tilt so you can e.g. also have a look at the sky and at the floor within that environment.

    Here you can see some examples.

    2. How to create a Panorama VR?

    The basic steps to integrate a Panorama VR in your InDesign article or publication are the following:

    1. Create your panorama image (e.g. in Photoshop or with a special camera, ...).
    2. Download and install Pano2VR. This is not a free product but you can download a free trial. Then later, depending on your needs, you can purchase a Standard or Pro license.
    3. Open your panorama image in Pano2VR and follow these basic workflow steps to get HTML5 output.
    4. Put your complete HTML5 output in a separate folder in your WebResources folder.
    5. Create a Web viewer or a Web overlay button and link to the index.html file of your HTML5-export.


    Panorama VR functionality on Android is tricky. While it may work on most recent devices (also the gyroscope functionality), we cannot guarantee a wide compatibility across all devices because of the multitude of different hardware and browser specifications.

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