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Image Sequences

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    Add 360° views or other types of Image Sequences.

    1. How to create an Image Sequence?

    The Image Sequence option lets a user walk you through a series of images while swiping. The most frequent application for this is to give a 360° view of an object.

    • You can use a series of images (either JPG or PNG) that have the same root name with a numbered suffix, e.g. bicycle_001.jpg, bicycle_002.jpg, etc.
    • In order to get the best performance when rotating, you should use a series of at least 30 images. Do keep in mind, however, that using too many images may have an impact on performance.
    • Use PNG files only if you are using transparency in your images
    • Make sure your images have the exact size as they will be displayed on the iPad
    • In order to add optimized images for the retina iPad, make sure you folder contains both versions for the standard resolution, e.g. bicycle_001.jpg… as well the one for the retina iPad that has the "@2x" suffix (e.g. bicycle_001@2x.jpg)

    To create an image sequence object, create a rectangle the size of your images, then select the Image Sequence palette.

    In the palette, select the folder that contains the images of your sequence.

    Image Sequence

    2. Behavior

    1. Play In Reverse: This will change the rotation direction.
    2. Allow Swiping to Change Images: Controls whether the reader can change the state of the Image Sequence by Swiping.
    3. Auto Play: Will start the Image Sequence automatically after the reader navigates to this page. You can determine the Speed (in frames per second) and the Delay (in seconds).
    4. Tap to play/pause: Allows a user to start/stop automatic playback of an Image Sequence.
    5. Allow Looping: This will play the series of images in a continuous loop.

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