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Migrating kiosk apps from Adobe DPS/AEM to Twixl Publisher

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    Wondering how to migrate an app that was created using a different publishing tool to a Twixl Publisher-based app? Below are step-by-step instructions on how to move a kiosk app from Adobe DPS to Twixl.

    1. Migrate the issues

    You will need to convert all existing content (each issue) to Twixl Publisher .article or .publication files. If you were previously using Adobe DPS, then the free Twixl Importer plug-in will make that a fairly easy process.

    If you were using a solution like Mag+, Aquafadas, etc. you will have to manually redefine the interactive content in the Twixl Publisher plug-in panel in InDesign.

    2. Add new app to the Twixl Distribution Platform

    In the Twixl Distribution Platform, add a new app to your account using the same application identifier as the original app (e.g. com.mycompany.myfancymagazine).


    If you want to create a kiosk-styled app, the following KB-articles are very important:

    3. Upload publications

    Add the same issues as in the original app as collections to the Twixl platform, again using the same product identifiers for each issue as in the original (e.g. com.mycompany.myfancymagazine.mar2015 etc.)

    4. Build a new app

    Using the Twixl Publisher app, build an app with the same App ID as the original (DPS) app. For Android apps, you will need the certificate and private key that were used to create the original app (see also the article about the Android Keystore).

    5. Subscriptions (optional)

    If you were using subscriptions previously, define the same subscription with the same product identifier as in the current app

    6. Entitlements (optional)

    If you were using entitlements previously, integrate entitlements in the Twixl platform and make sure that every subscriber will have access to the same issues as with the current app (requires the Entitlements option to be enabled on the Twixl platform)

    For all of the above steps, no changes whatsoever are required in App Store Connect or Google Play.


    We fully support the Adobe DPS/AEM Entitlements Server. For more info, see this KB-article: Using the Entitlements option in article-based apps

    7. Submit the new Twixl-based app

    When you ready to replace the DPS app, add a new version in App Store Connect and/or Google Play, and upload the binary for the Twixl-based app.


    On iOS, if you are updating an existing DPS app to a Twixl app, make sure that, if you were previously publishing a universal (i.e. iPad & iPhone) version of the app, you'll also need to have a universal Twixl app. Otherwise, if you want to replace a hybrid app by an iPad or iPhone only app, the only option is to remove the old app from sale and publish the Twixl app as a new app.

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