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Copying collections between projects within a Twixl Platform account


Dan Leonard

Not planned

This feature request is related to: https://help.twixlmedia.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360010532937-Support-for-IAP-codes-that-do-not-match-in-AppStore-Connect-and-Google-Play

When a publication has mismatching IAPs in iOS and Google Play, a workaround is to run two separate production apps within the same Twixl account.

But, when using a 3rd party tool to publish content to Twixl (in this case, Woodwing Inception) two endpoints need to be setup per collection, and the content published twice.

Would it be possible to copy a collection from one production project to another, thus reducing the workflow of preparing the same content in two different apps?

For example, workflow could be

1. create collection in iOS production app, set endpoint in Inception
2. publish content to endpoint from Inception
3. prepare content items and collection metadata
4. copy collection to Android project, swap productID
5. publish both collections.

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