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Support for IAP codes that do not match in AppStore Connect and Google Play


Dan Leonard


  • When migrating applications onto the Twixl platform, the schema used IAP codes often does not match up.
  • The customer can't then take advantage of the single license to publish an iOS and Android app.


  • client used different bundleIDs for iOS and Android apps, and the IAP schema is different too
  • the bundleID history is large, and varying schema has been used over time
  • the client has an iOS app only, wants to migrate to Twixl and introduce an Android app, but has used uppercase characters in the iOS IAP schema
  • the publisher has inherited a complete app, with past problems beyond their making (eg transfer of publication ownership)

Suggested features:

Could the subscriptions section in Platform be expanded to include separate subscription codes for iOS and GP?
On edit collection screen, could an additional productID field be added to support separate IAP codes for iOS and GP?

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