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Open to Article, instead of Open to Browse Page


Tommy D'Aquino


I know Twixl is not AEM Mobile, and AEM Mobile is an obsolete platform. However, AEMM had a feature called Open to Content instead of Open to Browse. So, in AEMM, IF the first item in the Root Collection was an Article, you could Open to Content and upon launch, it would display Article content instead of a browse page.  

This could be tremendous in Twixl, for both Pixel-perfect and HTML-based article Apps. 

The learning curve on Browse Page building is a little steep for those just getting started with Twixl.  Conforming to the grid and accounting for all of the space of a grid can be a bit overwhelming if you're not use to the tricks and nuances of grid building. Open to Content (or whatever we want to call it - where content of an Article is shown upon launch of an app) could alleviate the need of building a browse page.  The designer could layout the navigation in InDesign or as HTML and use hyperlinks to navigate to the contents of the App!  Additional "Browse articles" could serve as internal browse pages, and so on.  

I've recently seen this done in an AEMM app, for a customer that is converting to Twixl.  It would be nice to tell them that YES, we can do that in Twixl as well.  Additionally, I had done it with an HTML interface for an AEMM digital publication: Live Happy Magazine as we had a very complex browse page build each month and it was much faster and easier to lay it out in HTML. 

I'm happy to discuss this idea further and show you use-case examples. It could add high-quality design to Twixl App Interfaces!


Twixl Support Team

Official comment

Hi Tommy


This is already possible since the launch of article-based apps in Twixl Publisher. We call it Browse and Detail Mode and it's defined in the setting of each Collection. See Working with Collections

You can even use a custom url scheme to trigger this via a hyperlink. See Custom url-schemes for article-based apps




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