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Ability to zoom-in and zoom out pages of an article in article based apps


Rafael Ortet

Not planned

Many of our customers are requesting the ability to zoom-in any page of an article. We migrated from the old Adobe DPS platform to Twixl in 2015 and since then, one of the features that we have been missing is the possibility to zoom in pages.

Adobe DPS provided two ways for zooming in and out pages:

1) Two taps on any quarter of the screen would zoom in the page content up to 50% that quarter. This was truly a delightful feature that helped to attain greater accessibility.

2) Spread and pinch with two fingers an area of the screen would zoom in and zoom out that particular area of the screen.

We hope you could consider planning the implementation of this important feature in the very near future.

Our customer will appreciate that!


Rafael Ortet

Director of Digital Publications

Tsadra Foundation



Twixl Support Team

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Duplicate of this thread. 

Marked as closed, comments can be added in the other thread. 

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Stefan Forslund

I agree

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