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New Break Points for 12.9inch Tablets (iPad Pro) - Grids and Cells Styles in Article Based Apps


Tony Clemente



It would be nice if there were an additional grid and cell style option to design specifically for 12.9inch tablets (iPad Pro) devices. 

This will allow more flexibility to manage how metadata and images are treated and spaced in cells across newer/ larger tablet devices vs standard-sized tablet devices. 

The problem it will solve is for example if you want to make a featured cell in a publication app where the metadata appears next to an image of an issue cover crashing into the image one tablet vs. how it appears on another. Currently, you are able to make the image and data appear nicely (if locked in one orientation) on a standard tablet but, when that same content item is viewed on a larger tablet the metadata and spacing do not translate the same way since the device has a larger screen dimension. 

I would happy to provide screen captures to help illustrate the request if desired. 

Thank you.


Twixl Support Team

Official comment

A major overhaul for Browse Grid and Cell Styles is planned for version 10.

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