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An Import PDF Option That Works Similar to the Import Publication Option In Collections


Tony Clemente

Not planned

If possible, it would be a nice feature to be able to import an optimized PDF as a single PDF file that represents a whole issue into a given collection and have that PDF automatically separate into individual pages (articles) the same way importing a native Twixl .publication does now when using the import function into a given collection. This would allow for a more automated way to get separate PDF's into a collection and allow users who are migrating PDF-based content into an Article based app to take full advantage of the searching capability offered in Article based apps since they can then populate metadata for each page at that point. 


Twixl Support Team

Official comment

This Feature Request was disapproved for now: 

  • There are more than enough tools to handle PDF-files (starting from low-budget tool and ending with tools that have automation capabilities etc.). 
  • The Twixl Distribution Platform already indexes all PDF Content Items (also all text content).

Should we decide to evaluate this FR again in the future, we'll let you know. 

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