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Cordova-style access to device information


Benjamin Tyler


It would be really powerful to be able to access information from the user's device... such as language settings, geolocation, camera, contacts etc in Twixl apps. 

For example, you could detect a user's preferred language and send them directly to the collection that suits them. 

Or send specific push messages based on location. For a B2B construction company for example. 

We have a customer who is looking to do a 'retail' version of their app in store, and one to the wider world... there are slight changes to the content in these apps, we could handle this quite neatly inside the content if we could detect for example a bundle ID. 

Accessing the device in this way has many use cases but those are just some I can think of off the top of my head.  


Twixl Support Team

Official comment

We are investigating this and doing research for your Feature Request but Cordova will not be supported: 

  • It's a Box of Pandora
  • The plugins are badly maintained: some plugins have a status of more than 700 or 1000 days (latest update) and as such they don't support the latest iOS-technologies
  • We need to find parity between all our existing platforms. 


To be continued but we can't say anything yet about an ETA for this Feature Request. 

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