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Slideshow within scrollable text area


Nathan Adams

Not planned

I have read the response to "Slideshow within MSO," but hope that this request is different enough. I have multiple articles (importing from DPS) with a scrollable text, then a slideshow of four photos, followed by additional scrollable text. Is this a feature that will (eventually) be supported, or, like a slideshow within a MSO, will it never be supported? 


Twixl Support Team

Concerning Nested Interactivity, see this article. There you can read what's possible and not possible. 

Placing scrollable content inside a slide show, or putting a slide show inside a scrollable content area is not supported, nor is a scrollable inside a scrollable, or an MSO within an MSO.

There are no plans to add support for this, because this is very bad GUI and confusing for the reader. 

If you want to add comments to this thread, please do this on the support site (and not by answering per e-mail). 

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