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Hiding Title Bar / Menu Bar in Browse Mode collections


Jon Ashby


Hi Team Twixl, 

I'm sure I've seen this setting before, but want to check that you can hide the Title Bar / Menu Bar on collections in Browse mode? But can;t seem to see it anywhere in App or Collection settings… Also, I assume that it's always there in the Twixl Reviewer app – but won't be in the final production App?

It would be great if you could have this setting for all content, so you can use your own bespoke navigation at all times via TP links… 

Look forward to hearing from you, all the best, 



Twixl Support Team

Hiding the nav bar / action bar is planned for Twixl Publisher 6. At this moment the release of that version is planned for January 2018. Please note that our roadmap can change and that running feature requests can be postponed. 

If you want to add comments to this thread, please do this on the support site (and not by answering per e-mail). 

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