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Add a custom feature to download the whole content of an app (all collections)


Branislav Milic


I understand why by default the offline download feature works per collection but if the publisher decides to add a feature like that, he does it on purpose so it should be available. 

We can design a specific button so when tapped the whole content is downloaded and not only the collection where we are.


Twixl Support Team

Why don't use the Full Offline Mode

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Guillaume Estragnat


What about having a third choice of download function:

1 - Online mode + download collections on request (the current function)

2 - Keep all data offline (the existing option to download all the content at startup) Here, there is no choice for the reader but to download all the content

3 - New: Enable all content download: Online mode  + download ALL the app content on request through the cloud icon of the root collection.  This would leave the choice to the reader to download all the content or not.

Best regards.




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