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Bradley Lucas

Not planned

I am asked time and time again by clients to have a slideshow that has audio to play over the slides since moving from DPS where this was possible. I have tried multiple ways to get this to work but I just cant seem to do it so I think I am searching for the impossible?

Is there any plans to allow a slideshow to appear within a MSO? It would be a really great and useful feature for the type of work I am asked to create for clients.

Thanks for your time,



Twixl Support Team

See Nested Interactivity: Placing scrollable content inside a slide show, or putting a slide show inside a scrollable content area is not supported, nor is a scrollable inside a scrollable, or an MSO within an MSO. We will never support this. It's bad and confusing GUI (and a bad reader-experience) and technically it wouldn't work. For the device, it's impossible to know which interactivity should get priority. It's like putting 2 types of interactivity on top of each other. That will never work. It's one of the main reasons of failing buttons: Some designers don't design very orderly and let buttons overlap each other. With the result that overlapping parts will fail to work. 

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