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    In order to determine the look and feel of a Twixl app, we offer the concept of 'grid styles' and 'item styles' to determine how your content is presented to a user/reader.

    2. Item Styles

    The appearance of the cells on your browse pages can be determined in the Item Style options window. While a 'grid style' applies to a collection, an 'item style' applies to a content item.

    As you can see, a couple of examples are:

    • A title and a subtitle for an article
    • A title on an image background
    • An image to the left or right of a title & subtitle
    • And many more combinations…

    To learn more about this, check this article.

    4. Custom Fonts

    Twixl also supports the use of custom fonts in your app. More details can be found in this article.

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