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Google Analytics (legacy)

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    Google will end support for Google Universal Analytics by the end of June 2023. Please use Google Analytics 4 instead.

    Setup in Google Analytics

    You'll need to generate a Google Analytics property for each platform you want to have separate analytics for.

    To generate a Google Analytics Key:

    1. Login to analytics.google.com.
    2. Select Admin in the bottom left corner.
    3. Create a new Property .
    4. In Property Setup, make sure to select 'Show Advanced Options '.
    5. Enable the option 'Create a Universal Analytics property' (never mind that it says 'It is not recommended for new Analytics users, and it will not support app measurement')
    6. Enter a 'fake' URL in the website URL field. This doesn't really matter as you will be using this for an app, not a web site.
    7. Finish creating the property.
    8. In the next step, under Tagging Instructions, you can link this new property to an older property (if you used one before). Look for the option Use existing on-page tag.

    Setup for iOS & Android apps & the Browser Client

    If you want to activate Google Analytics for your mobile apps and/or the Browser Client, select 'Edit App' and enter the Google Analytics Key in the relevant fields. For an overview of all application options, you can check this article.

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