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Deleting an app on the platform

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    An app on the Twixl platform can be deleted. Here's how to do it, but make sure to first check the consequences of this procedure!

    How to delete an app on the Twixl platform


    This process is irreversible! Proceed with extreme caution!

    To delete an app on the Twixl platform, you need to:

    1. Login on the Twixl platform
    2. Navigate and select the app you want to delete
    3. Select the App Menu of the app
    4. Select Delete... in the available list of options
    5. Read and confirm the warnings



    If a user decides to delete an app, the Twixl platform will delete all info related to the deleted app:

    • Content
    • Analytics
    • Settings
    • ...

    Due to GDPR-regulations, this process is irreversible! Depending on the size of the app, this process will take about 1 minute maximum.

    As a result, readers will no longer have access to the content of your app.

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