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Twixl Apps and Split View on your iPad (>11.x)

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    Split View is part of the multitasking experience available for iPads. Apps built with Twixl Publisher 11 and up support Split View. This KB-article explains the basics.

    What is Split View?

    For more info on how Split View works, we advise you tho read the following external KB-article (from Apple Support):

    Use Multitasking on your iPad

    Or watch the external introduction movie (also from Apple Support):


    How do Twixl Apps work with Split View?

    Adding support for Split View has one important consequence: The concept of Portrait and Landscape orientations is no longer supported on iOS devices. For Android devices, those Orientations are still supported until further notice.


    Split View requires you to have a:

    • recent iPad with preferably the latest iOS version
    • an article-based app created with at least version 11.x of Twixl Publisher

    What is supported?

    At the moment, Twixl apps fully support all Content Items in Detail Mode. That means readers can use Split View while they are consuming the following types of Content Items:

    • HTML Articles
    • Twixl (InDesign-based) Articles
    • PDF Content Items
    • Movies
    • Vimeo Movies
    • YouTube Movies


    Twixl InDesign-based articles (and PDF Content Items) are all about pixel-perfect content. They are not responsive and they have a fixed layout. As a result, the following rules apply:

    • Twixl Articles are being scaled. We strongly advise you to make use of Alternate Layouts.
    • Letterboxing will occur.
    • Depending on the size of the activated Split View, the Portrait or Landscape renditions will be rendered.

    What about the 'Browse Grids' ?

    Currently the Browse Grid for Collections in Browse Mode will only show the Tablet settings of your Item Styles. Be aware that this can result in strange behaviour when the activated Split View uses 1/4 of your iPad screen, in other words: when the available screen estate resembles a smartphone aspect ratio.  

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