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My article-based app returns an error "Please update your app"

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My article-based app returns an error as in the following screenshot:


The problem is caused by using an older version of Twixl Publisher. As we originally announced in July of 2019,  the Twixl reader API for all apps created with Twixl Publisher 6.x or older was going to stop functioning by the end of 2019. If an app has been created with Twixl Publisher 6, it means it has not been updated for at least two years.


Update your app to the latest version of Twixl Publisher: 

  1. Download the latest stable release of Twixl Publisher
  2. Create a new build
  3. Test thoroughly
  4. Deploy an update of your app


When you are involved in publishing content for mobile apps, updating mobile apps is an essential part of your workflow. The world of mobile devices is a fast evolving world, so updates are a real necessity. Updates do not only contain new features, they also contain: 

  • Bug fixes
  • Support for the latest devices
  • Support for the latest OS versions

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