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Styling: Custom Fonts

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    If you need to get your app in line with the corporate identity or you want the app to stand out with a unique style, you can upload custom fonts or use Google fonts within the app.


    Only import the fonts you are really using as all fonts will be downloaded to each device and it will make your app larger in memory.

    1. Working with Custom Fonts

    Does your company or customer use a specific or custom made font and is the company style design requiring to use this font within the app? Working with custom fonts is very easy within Twixl Publisher.

    First, upload the custom font to the Twixl Platform via the menu on the homepage of your app before adding it to a style.

    • In the menu dropdown > select 'Custom Fonts' > 'Add custom fonts'
    • Drag and drop your font file here or select the file on your drive.
    • Add this font to your list of fonts on the Twixl Platform by confirming via 'Upload'.

    Once the font has been uploaded, you will be able to select it if you edit the application options or define them in the item styles.


    • You can either add Truetype (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) fonts.
    • Make sure you have the proper licenses for your fonts that allow you to distribute them digitally.

    2. Working with Google Fonts

    If you don't have a custom font but want to theme your app, the Google Fonts option is a great feature.

    All Google Fonts you want to use in your app first have to be imported in the Custom Fonts section.

    • In the menu dropdown > select 'Custom Fonts' > 'Import Google Fonts' > this will open the Google Fonts Interface
    • Search for or filter a specific Google Font > 'Import' the font



    Google Fonts are free to use, even for commercial usage!
    If you want to learn more about Google Fonts, see this web site.

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