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Styling: Custom Fonts

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    Did you know you can work with custom Custom Fonts in your apps? This article shows you how!

    1. Working with Custom Fonts

    Working with Custom Fonts

    To upload your fonts, select 'Custom Fonts' from the app's top menu.

    When adding fonts, you can either add Truetype (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) fonts. Once the fonts have been uploaded, you will be able to select them if you edit the application options.


    Make sure you have the proper licenses for your fonts that allow you to distribute them digitally.

    2. Working with Google Fonts

    The Google Fonts option is a great feature to easily customize the look & feel of your article-based app.

    It's available from the Custom Fonts option in every article-based application. Google Fonts are free to use!


    If you want to learn more about Google Fonts, see this web site.

    You can search & filter and then select the Google Font you like. When choosing a particular Google Font, it will be downloaded and added to your article-based app.

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