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Integrating Twixl Publisher with Enfocus Switch

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    For many publishers, automation is an important part of a smooth workflow. As many publishers are using Enfocus Switch to automate their production process, we also wanted to provide configurators that allow integration with the Twixl Distribution Platform.

    Below are a couple of examples that show how you can use Switch to automate the publishing of tablet content.

    1. "Upload to Twixl Distribution Platform" configurator

    This configurator (included in Enfocus Switch 12 and also to be found on the Crossroads web site) allows you to automatically upload a zipped Twixl publication or a PDF file from a hot folder to the Twixl Distribution Platform.

    It uses the Twixl Distribution Platform Admin API to be able to add new issues to an existing app automatically.

    Upload Properties

    In the Properties for this configurator, you will need to enter the Application Key for your app on the Twixl Distribution Platform, as well as the Account API Key (make sure API access has been enabled for your account). The Issue Name and Product Identifier fields can be defined as variables based on the file name.

    2. Generate a Twixl Web Reader export from a .publication

    This configurator (coming soon) provides a hot folder solution to automatically convert a Twixl .publication file into a “Web Reader” version for viewing on desktop and notebooks.

    Furthermore, the workflow could provide the following:

    • Check for new publications to convert to a "Web Reader"
    • Upload the "Web Reader" files to a company web server according to set criteria (via an FTP server)
    • Add a new issue to the app on the Twixl Distribution Platform and upload it there as well

    This flow will then automatically put online both the tablet version of a publication and the Web reader version.


    The "Convert to Web Reader" properties allow you to set the colors for several navigation components.

    3. Optimize PDF files through further integration with PitStop Server

    Customers publishing PDF files using an app on the Twixl Distribution Platform can also integrate PitStop Server into the Switch workflows to automatically convert print PDFs for optimal display on a tablet.

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