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Migration-tool: issue-based to article-based

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    Issue-based apps used to be a fine way to present content to your readers. But the future is article-based. Issue-based apps will become deprecated at some point in the future. But don't worry, there is no real reason to stick with issue-based apps. You can do exactly the same things with an article-based approach, and much more. So why wait? Get started today and explore the world of Twixl article-based apps by using our very easy migration-tool! It's as easy as can be! This KB-article tells you all about it!

    How to use the migration-tool?

    When you go to an issue-based app on the Twixl Distribution Platform, you'll notice a button Convert to article-based.

    Convert to an article-based app: this will start the actual conversion process.


    Even if the app is already converted, you still have the option to repeat the process.


    During the migration process, your issue-based app will be locked. As such, you will not be able to alter your issue-based app or upload new issues during the conversion progress.

    What will be converted for you?

    A conversion will do the following things:

    1. A new article-based app will be created with the same settings as your issue-based app (and the same mode, Development or Production).
    2. All Subscriptions, Notifications and Entitlements Settings will be converted.
    3. PDF Issues will be converted into a Collection with a PDF Content Item.
    4. Twixl Issues (InDesign-based .publications) will be converted into a Collection of .articles.
    5. We'll create basic Browse Grid and Cell Styles for you, in order to mimic the look and feel of a legacy issue-based app (a kiosk). A special Item Style will also be created to mimic the Featured Issue.
    6. The Browser Client will also be automatically configured for you.


    You can of course still change all imported settings afterwards! All Browse Grid Styles and Cell Styles are editable, as they are for any article-based app!


    There is a difference in the way entitled content is being handled in issue-based apps and article-based app.

    • For issue-based apps: no thumbnails are visible for unentitled content.  
    • For article-based apps: thumbnails are visible for unentitled content and a reader will need to login after tapping/clicking on the content that requires entitlements.

    Build Settings

    If you choose to upload and import the Build Setting of your issue-based app as well, the following extra things will be imported:

    • General: The iTunes Store Application ID will be imported, to maintain the Smart Banner.
    • Entitlements: Additional settings will be imported.
    • Google Analytics: Your Google Analytics keys will be imported.
    • User Interface: Tool Bar colors and Scroller Background settings will be imported.
    • Sharing: All Sharing settings will be converted.
    • User interface: The Grid Text Color will be imported.


    Although it's not a requirement, we strongly advise you to import the Build Settings as well. This will result in a much easier migration of your issue-based app.

    What won't be converted for you?

    • The Info Page and Info Cell are not converted automatically. You can still create a new 'web viewer' content item to achieve a similar result.
    • Categories and Sections will not be converted. You can organize the collections in your article-based app in such a way that you obtain a similar result.

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