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Preview an article-based app on a mobile device (>8.0)

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    Apple has rejected our old solution, the tR App Reviewer because they no longer accepted the concept of providing a dashboard to test several apps.

    That's why we are providing a couple of alternatives:

    1. Preview your article-based app in the iOS Simulator.
    2. Preview an app with the new Twixl app.

    The Twixl App allows you to preview your article-based apps and check what your browse pages and article details will look like without first needing to create a real test app. You just need to scan a QR code. This KB-article explains how to do this.

    Previewing your app

    When you are logged in on the Twixl Distribution Platform as an Administrator or App Administrator (see Manage Users), you have 2 options:

    1. In the Application Overview, you can select the option show qr-code.
    2. In the Application Detail View, you can see the QR code right away.

    Open the Twixl app on your mobile device (Android or iOS), tap on SCAN and scan the QR-code. Your article-based app will display the preview in the Twixl App. The Root Collection will kick in and you can check how content is displayed. You can make adjustments in the Collection, Browse Grid Styles, Cell Styles or any content/setting and these will be reflect in the app after a refresh.


    The Refresh Icon is situated in the Toolbar.

    Sharing your app

    For an Administrator or an App Administrator, it's also very easy to share an article-based app with e.g. a customer, a copywriter, etc. You have 2 options:

    1. You can use the traditional App Reviewer User. See Manage Users for more info. This option is an additional way to give somebody a more permanent access to an article-based app. The App Reviewer needs to login on the Twixl Distribution Platform and there he/she will find an overview of all the assigned apps, with easy access to the QR codes.
    2. Or you can share an article-based app with an anonymous user. This is ideal to share your app with a user that needs access temporarily. Click on Share Application in the Application Detail, fill in the required fields and go! The recipient will receive clear instructions via email.


    Existing App Reviewers that previously had access to the obsolete tR App Reviewer app, will now have access to the Twixl Distribution Platform! All you need to do, is instruct them to visit platform.twixlmedia.com and login with their existing account!

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